The Virtual Gallery Weekend Beta – a 3D online application for visitors of the Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012.

From the 27.4. - 2.5. the virtual gallery space is accessible for visitors from all over the world to exchange ideas and information about art.

Each gallery at Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin beta is marked clearly at its real-life location on a map of Berlin. Having entered this virtual world as an avatar, visitors will be able to:

The Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin beta does not aim merely to be a visualization of an art event, but to facilitate a shared experience, to explore possible artistic interactions in a virtual 3D environment, and to exchange ideas and information about art. We are also explore to see how the physical and virtual worlds of the Gallery Weekend crossover and develop throughout the event.

The Virtual Gallery Weekend was created by Spinning Wire in collaboration with the Gallery Weekend to accompany the real event. By anticipating the changing needs of the art world we want to create a sound environment for the future of the Gallery Weekend.

Spinning Wire is an idea lab with the focus on „space media“ the emerging form of communication in digital 3D worlds. It was was founded in February 2011 in Berlin by a Finn, a Frenchman and a German: Juha Hulkko (founder of Elektrobit, created the 3D Software RealXtend), Dr. Francois Garnier (professor at ENSAD/ Paris, computer graphics pioneer, 3D film director and media designer, recent project „Pina“, a film by Wim Wenders) and Heinz Siepmann (entrepreneur).